Diamond Overgrading: Be Aware!

The recent mushrooming of Diamond Doctors reviews and ads over the social media and the internet has definitely shocked diamond consumers. Never has a campaign against big diamond companies been launched in such a large scale. These actions resulted after The EGL International was found to have manipulated the grading system of diamonds in order to sell overgraded diamonds.  This has, of course, caused not only foreheads to wrinkle. This has resulted to serious implications and overhauling of diamond grading in the US despite the strong reputation of EGL USA. If you have been sold a diamond or planning to purchase one, you should be aware of the facts about diamond overgrading.

EGL vs GIA Grading

In one of the many Dallas Diamond Doctor reviews, a customer complained that he was sold a diamond which was not GIA certified. Diamond grading can be very technical. Organizations such as EGL and GIA have their system of grading diamonds. Diamond sellers can use these systems to grade diamonds and thus, know their monetary value. However, the reputation of EGL have been questioned due to the inconsistency and subjectivism of the organization’s grading of diamonds. The grading of one diamond of an EGL International and/or national jeweller could differ from that of another leading to variations in pricing of the same diamond. This inconsistency has caused confusion and subsequently the loss of faith of consumers of EGL organizations and their questionable system of grading.

The GIA grading system, however, is consistent and reliable. Diamond Doctor customer reviews claim their diamonds did not come with GIA certification. GIA grading is a standard followed by majority of jewellers around the globe. Is your diamond GIA certified? A GIA certification by a GIA certified jeweller is one guarantee that your diamond is not overgraded or overpriced. A GIA certification contains the details of the characteristics of a diamond based on four crucial criteria dubbed as the 4 C’s ┬ánamely carat, color, cut and clarity. Read more on Diamond Doctor Overgrading

Diamond Overgrading and the Legal Implications

Diamond overgrading is, in itself, unethical and unprofessional. The act intends to misrepresent the characteristics of the diamond. It intends to manipulate the charateristics to subsequently bloat the value of the diamond. Selling overgraded and overpriced diamonds is equivalent to fraud. It is punishable by law. Victims of diamond overgrading such as those who posted negative Diamond Doctors reviews can file legal complaints before the courts. They can also lodge their complaints against fraudulent diamond retailers in significant business organizations for appropriate sanctions. Victims can seek claims for damages done on their end.

Several law firms have already supported the victims in their actions to seek justice. Already complaints have been filed and raised against five big diamond retailers n American soil. And this is just the beginning. More victims intend to file more complaints as real reviews from real Diamond Doctor customers continue to pile up and spread. Many are becoming aware. Many are becoming vigilant. Many are rallying for justice.

The Action

The Diamond Doctors reviews in their website and those of other diamond retailers are mostly positive reviews. There are those, however, who chose to side with truth and justice. The scam of diamond companies have been exposed. This is one clear way to make sure that no one will ever again fall for the diamond overgrading scam.

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