Company Embroidered Bags Make A Huge Difference

The Queensland embroidery industry is thriving, thanks to the patronage of businesses both large and small. The idea of using embroidered apparel to strengthen one’s brand has become a mainstay in many industries, with no sign of stopping. Companies embroider everything from polo tees to caps, and now we’re seeing more and more company embroidered bag in the streets.

If you’re considering passing out company-branded embroidered bags, here are some reasons why this is the best move you can make as a business owner.

It Serves As A “Bag Size Standards”

Although most people would say that determining a suitable bag size in the workplace is oppressive, it makes sense for some industries. After all, it’s difficult to see employees, especially woman, who go to work with overly sized bags taking up most of their work spaces. You’ve probably seen people stuffing large bags into their small lockers in vain. Having a singular, uniform bag with your company’s brand embroidered into it can serve as a suitable standard to follow. Large enough to carry all the necessary work related materials, yet small enough to fit into your company’s lockers comfortably.

A Stronger Company Presence

Corporate embroidery has long been used as a marketing tool. As your employees go to and from work, they are exposed to the public, especially if they commute. Having company embroidered bag can help your brand a lot. With a noticeable logo, it can catch the eye of potential employees and clients alike. It also sends a message to competitors and their employees that you mean business.

Queensland embroidery on your company apparel can also come in handy during events. Conferences, excursions and even sports fest, where companies compete with each other, are examples of events where you should take your embroidered apparel to. It strengthens your company’s presence, especially if you’re in the company of your peers and competitors. It’s like a solid show of hands that sends a message of solidarity, unity and loyalty to the company.

It’s Not That Expensive

People think Brisbane embroidery production is expensive, and a luxury they don’t want to spend company funds on. However, when you think about it, it’s really cheap. It’s a cheap form of advertisement, and it’s not even mandatory. You can even sell the shirts, caps and bags on your company shop for employees who might want it. You can also give it as a reward for employees who are performing well. Embroidered items are not only affordable, but they make your employees feel like they belong in a company that appreciates them.


While it’s important for employers to encourage creativity and individuality in the workplace, there’s something professional and classy about uniforms. This is why a lot of business require uniforms for their workers. Queensland embroidery on caps, hats and bags don’t take away your employee’s individuality; in fact, a lot of embroidered apparel can be customized appropriately so even if they’re wearing company embroidered apparel, their personal style can still shine through.

Embroidered bags can make a huge difference for your company. Not only does it give you a cheap form of advertising, it can also help employees gain the right mindset for professionalism and company loyalty. For more information about the best embroidery bags Brisbane has to offer, you can visit