Midcentury Office Furniture Buyers Guide

The midcentury style is probably one of the most celebrated pieces of furniture in the world. Much of what was designed during that time is still relevant in the modern times. There are people who are willing to pay a fortune for those pieces which were built somewhere between the 1930s and the 1960s. In the recent years, the furniture pieces have been something of a renaissance with more and more people ordering the Barcelona love seat, Eames office chair and the Tolix stools amongst others. These pieces are like a blast from the past and are the vestiges of the golden age of industrial design when clean and quality designs inspired by the Bauhaus movement filled our living rooms and other living spaces and even workspaces.

What Exactly is Midcentury Furniture?

In the recent years, we are probably familiar with the Midcentury furniture pieces such as the Barcelona loveseat through various TV programs such as Mad Men. As the name implies, the midcentury furniture pieces were pieces which were popular during the mid 20th century. The golden age of the midcentury pieces was from the mid-40s to the early 70s before they momentarily went out of fashion. Based on the Bauhaus movement philosophy of function, elegance and simplicity, the pieces are generally quite uncomplicated and have a very fresh aesthetic very much unlike what we have been used to in the recent past. It is sort of an understated elegance.

Why are They so Popular?

It is possible to create a chic style as well as great functional comfort with the midcentury furniture pieces thanks to their emphasis on the contemporary patterns, a seamless flow between both the indoors and the outdoors along with a focus on the paired forms. With the midcentury look in your furniture pieces such as in the Barcelona love seat of the Eames DSW Chair, for example, you will be able to bridge the manmade and the organic.

The Barcelona Loveseat

This is the most recognizable piece of the modern midcentury furniture.  It was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the German Pavilion in the late 20s and has maintained its appeal to date. This modern classic can be used both in the offices and the home. If you are buying the Knoll manufactured Barcelona love seat, check if they have the Rohe signature for authenticity as well as the Knoll stamp.

The Eames DSR Chair

The Eames DRS chair can be recognized by its distinctive chrome base and it is often nicknamed the “Eiffel chair”. It is part of a series of Eames chairs, all of which are built with the same seat shell that has been built from fiberglass. In modern seats, the shell is generally made using polypropylene.

The Eames DSW Chair

The DSW has the same shell  as the DSR but with a wooden base. These side chairs have dining height. The shell has been built from a polypropylene shell material that is injection molded and batch dyed. The wooden part can be made from walnut, maple or even ebony-stained ash dowels. You can find many of these fine midcentury furniture pieces at the Metro Furniture store in the UK.

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