Time for Nature: Why Wooden Watches Are Unique

Drew Sirtors once said, “Watches are called as such as a reminder – if you don’t watch what you do with your time carefully, it might slip away from you”. A wristwatch is not just a thing you use to tell time. Like jewelry, it makes a statement and impression about the wearer. There are many kinds of watches right now: leather band watches, silver plated watches, rubberized watches, cloth strap watches, and even the unique wood watches. When you see a person who sports wood watches, your first impression would be that the person is a nature lover, and is fashionable. Though today’s typical wristwatches are made out of plastic or metal, the latest trend evolving on unique luxury wood watches utilizes natural wood to create striking timepieces. Be it a gift or a personal collection, keep reading to know why these wooden innovations are a good reason to deviate from this metal and concrete world.

Wooden Watches are Naturally Splendid

Aside from giving the wearer a unique fashion statement, having a wood watch lets you break free from the usual mass-produced plastic or metal theme. It reminds you to get in touch with nature. These authentic wood watches vary in hue and grain depending on the season or country the tree was grown in. With that fact, no two wooden watches are the same. And on top of that, these watches look better and better through time since the wood used is still active that it changes hue. These unique things are truly personalized, since the wooden material gets affected with the wearer’s natural oils on the skin.

Wooden Watches are Hypoallergenic and Nickel-free

Have you heard that almost 10 percent of the whole population is possibly allergic to nickel? This common allergy is called Contact Dermatitis that is caused by the nickel component in jewelry like earrings, bracelets, necklaces or wristwatches. It seems tragic for people with this kind of allergy because they can’t wear a normal watch since it causes minor itching and redness from swollen blisters on the skin. But with the rise of these hypoallergenic wood watches made of 100% natural wood, these type of people can wear the time and not worry about breaking out. If you’re not allergic, these wooden watches are also very lightweight and comfortable. And since there is no nickel component, these wooden wristwatches are resistant to temperature and climate changes that cause rusting. Read more at WeWOOD

Wooden Watches Help Mother Nature

You might be quick to assume that these expensive wood watches come with a hefty price tag. Actually, the usual price range for this unique arm candy is from $40 to $200 only. Today, many people are fairly concerned about the self-sufficiency of the Earth’s ecosystem. Some companies also have this pledge that requires them to use fallen trees and then plant new ones to replace them. Wood is a renewable resource available on our generous Earth, so by simply owning a unique wooden watch, you can reduce your carbon footprint.